Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coding while sick and random thoughts on command structures

I meant to post an update here last week, but I came down with some kind of bug. So since Im finding it hard to focus on the code I should be writing Ill try and be at least a little productive here. Thats the thing about working for yourself... no sick days. Anyway the Order Of Battle is almost finished. We spent the last few days trying to nail down where exactly to shift a few units that were bunched into groups of more than 4 on a hex (our rules only allow for 4 units to occupy a hex). So a few units had to be moved to adjacent hexes or when possible lumped into its parent unit. While we were doing this we noticed an interesting difference in the command structure between the North and South. Lee had very few units under his direct command, while Hooker (who was replaced by Meade just a few days after the start of our Campaign) had lots of men under his direct command. The obvious assumption is that having less men under his direct command freed Lee up to concentrate on the overall strategy of his offensive, while Hooker and/or Meade were bogged down with the day to day operation of the troops. Im no expert, so this is just conjecture on my part, but I just wonder how much an effect this might have had on the perception of Lee's superior command ability and Hooker's failings?