Monday, July 12, 2010

New features for Beta 2

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to give you all a quick update on the new features currently being added to C63:
  1. Save system. Allows you to temporarily save a set of orders.
  2. Friendly/Enemy unit info. You may now mouse over friendly/enemy units and receive some info about them.
  3. Staff report page. You will now receive more detailed info on your leader status. It will include a summary of wins, loses, draws for each combat type; A summary of casualties inflicted and incurred for both the last turn and the campaign; And a list of maps that you currently have intelligence on.
  4. Basic Fog of War. Maps will now appear slightly grey-ed out to indicate that you have no info on them.
  5. Enhanced Lee/Meade leader view. The Lee/Meade roles now receive intelligence on all subordinate commander units. All Friendly and 'sighted' enemy units appear on maps, unit reports, and combat reports.
  6. Mail In fixes. You will now be able to receive unlimited messages. Letter displays now open and close.
  7. Various User Interface fixes/enhancements