Monday, September 27, 2010

New Features and Enhancements List

As we are busy gearing up for Open Beta Testing (check back for an official announcement soon) this post is just a quick run down of the new features and improvements that will be added to Campaign of 1863 in the near future.
(In no particular order):
  • Player save system
  • Entrench markers
  • "On Holiday" command (transfer control to Leading General)
  • Abandon command (promote units to Leading General. Note this will carry a penalty)
  • Mail System enhancements (reply, send to all, map, fwd action reports, sent mail listing, sent mail read by recipient indicator)
  • Explanation of orders on roll over
  • Leading General option to surrender (Note this will carry a penalty)
  • Automatic turn due reminder
  • Automatic missed turn email
  • Attach/Detach units
  • Transfer units
  • No orders yet graphic indicator for units
Please remember that while we are in Open Beta, all game features are subject to change and or removal.