Friday, April 15, 2011

Quick update

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to post a quick update. Many of you have probably already noticed, but the My Games listing is sporting a new look. Instead of having a separate War Department page with game data for each game, we merged the existing My Games listing with the new War Department data. So the My Games page will now list commander data (player names now link to individual stats pages, current orders issued status, consecutive missed turns, and total missed turns), victory status (overall points, casualties per side, major objectives status) and the new Game Options (which should be coming online soon).
Some of you may also have noticed that the War Department has been replaced by the new My Options page in the Navigation bar. The new My Options page will be the primary place to view and change several new game features, however for now the only option listed is the new "email reminders" feature. This will allow you to turn notifications on or off, once we finish certification testing on all the features we are working on.
Thanks for checking in with us, and we hope to see you in a game soon.