Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Version 1.0 beta

Our last round of testing on the new engine code came back clean, so we are very happy to announce that the 1.0 beta release is ready to go. We will post the new version of the Engine and UI (user interface) tonight 1/5/12 around 12:30 a.m. p.s.t (after today's turn is finished processing).

Major Improvements/Bug fixes to the Engine:
  • Reinforce (this is now a stationary order and will allow a unit to reinforce any player or friendly battles within a 1 hex radius, not including terrain restrictions, an unlimited amount of times within a turn). We took away the movement portion as we feel this makes the order require more strategic planning.
  • Overwhelming Odds (Small numbers of enemies will no longer stop your units from moving, though there will be a small delay while the larger force forms up and wipes the opposition from the map - reported as a regular combat)
  • Transfer Command bug (player that has temporarily transferred command to another player will no longer be removed from the game)
  • Encamp bug fix (One set of circumstances was disabling Encamp bonuses from distributing to units correctly)
  • Malformed Orders bug fix (very rare, but deadly error to our engine)
  • New daily engine reports (allows us to quickly identify and diagnose engine problems - viewable to Devs only)
  • New backup engine procedures (solution for the delayed turn processing)
Major Improvements/Bug fixes to the UI:
  • Reply added to incoming messages
  • Players may now send messages to all other in game commanders (not just their side)
  • Send to all CSA/USA button (for team games)
  • Incoming mail now has a button that will open the Web version of the Battle Map
  • Improved Battle Map - No orders yet indicator on Battle Map. Battle map now shows updated unit positions as you move units between Tactical Maps. Battle Map now shows CSA objectives. New legend added to Battle Map.
  • Improved Calendar page
  • Improved Victory status page