Thursday, December 2, 2010

Demo Now Available

We are very happy to announce that a Demo version of The Campaign of 1863 is now available. The Demo game lets you preview the look and feel of C63 while dropping you straight into the action. Taking place on the Day (or a.m.) game turn of June 29th you play as commander A.P. Hill. You will be able to read correspondence, view your staff reports (combat, unit, and intelligence reports) and plan orders for your units however the Demo game will not process an actual turn, meaning you will be unable to "issue" your orders or send out any correspondence.

Situation Report for commander A.P. Hill:
Previously having taken heavy losses around Fredrick City General Lee has requested you to pull back. You now find yourself under heavy Union assault in Haggerstown while the rest of your forces are scattered. General Lee has now decided to make a last stand around Gettysburg and has ordered you to join him if possible. Can you push through the Federal brigades standing in your way?