Friday, January 14, 2011

Game Admin page AKA The War Department

Hi everyone,
I thought Id take a few minuets today to update you all on what we have been working on for The Campaign of 1863 over the last few weeks, the new "War Department" page. This new page will be accessible from the My Games page and will display helpful game data along with some key new game features.

The game data listed will include: current game date/turn, current objective held by status (Harrisburg - USA for example), casualty totals for each side. There will also be a listing of player/commander data for each player in the game which will include: current turn orders issued? (yes/no), number of consecutive turns missed, and the total number of turns missed.

The new game features will include:
Quit - This will allow players to abandon the listed game.
Pause - This will allow players to vote to pause the listed game. The game will only be paused if all active players vote to pause the game (with a specified resume date)
Holiday - This will allow players to voluntarily transfer command of their units to their Army Commander (with a specified date at which units will be automatically transferred back to the player)
After Action report (Evaluations) - This will allow players to evaluate their fellow players in a variety of categories.
AWOL commanders - This will not appear as an option for players. It will function as an automatic assumption of the missing commanders units by the Army Commander and will be triggered when a commander has missed a certain number of consecutive turns.

The new War Department page will be made available as soon as possible, however the new game features will come online and be made available on a case by case basis.