Sunday, June 27, 2010

Panic in Baltimore

"There are reports of panic in the streets of Baltimore as Rodes' Division of Ewell's Second Army Corps is poised before the city with no Union forces seen moving to protect the threatened citizenry. Consternation has been expressed by several Senators over the fighting continuing outside of Rockville just north of Washington where General Imboden's Cavalry has battled units from General Pleasonton's Cavalry Corps and General Reynolds' Ist Corps infantry for two days.

South of Harper's Ferry, just west of Clark's Gap where Union forces under General Hancock have faced Southern forces under General Hill in the rough terrain for over a week, it has been revealed that General Lee's headquarters was nearly over run by General Pleasonton's 2nd Division 1st Brigade Cavalry and Captain James F. Huntington's 3rd Volunteer Brigade; many of General Lee's senior staff are rumored to have been killed or gravely wounded in their escape to the hills east of Hillsborough but General Lee is said to have survived unwounded and moving to his forces in the gap to concentrate on Leesburg. North of Leesburg, heavy fighting continues between General Ewell's Southern forces and Union units under command of Generals Hancock, Pleasonton and Reynold around Adamstown and Urbana south of Fredrick City with no clear outcome. General Ewell has pressed the Union forces hard on this front with the Union Generals seeming not to coordinate their defenses of Maryland."

And so concludes our first Beta test period. We would like to heartily thank you all for participating. You generated some very useful feedback and helped us dig up some not so obvious bugs. We are going to take a short amount of time to implement some changes to the game, many of which were requested by you and some that are scheduled to go in before the second round of Beta testing. The second round will begin as soon as possible once a few key features are implemented.

Once again thank you, and we hope you will join us for the second round of Beta testing soon.

Jeff, Kate, and Clarke
Mutant Entertainment Studios

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