Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New 2 Player Game and Command Acceptance

Funny thing about team player games is that they require a team of players.

This became very apparent over the last month as we had many people sign up to play but fail to show up for the actual game. Frustrating for the players that actually try to play and frustrating for us as we try and build up enough of a player base to fill a few 5 vs 5 team games. So in the next few days we are very happy to announce a new 2 player version of C63: Lee vs Meade will be made available. This new version of the game will feature all of the strategic elements of The Campaign of 1863 while placing each player in charge of the entire Army of Northern Virgina or Army of the Potomac respectively.

A second feature we are happy to announce is the new Command Acceptance phase of a game. Now when a game is full (10 players for The Campaign of 1863 or 2 players for C63: Lee vs Meade) all players will be prompted to "accept their command". When all players have accepted the game is launched and we will send out notifications automatically that the game is ready and waiting. If other players fail to respond by the deadline (1 week after the game is full for daily games and 2 weeks after for weekly games) the MIA players are removed from the game and other players are free to take their place.

We have several other exciting new features planned, so stay tuned

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