Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New version

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post a quick update. We are currently testing out a bunch of new features that we hope to release as soon as they all check out okay. The new game management features are all server based (so these features will mostly be available in your "My Games" page) and will include:
  • Player missed turn tracking
  • Victory point tracking and reporting
  • Automated removal of players that miss 3 or more consecutive turns
  • Transfer command (lets you temporarily give command of your troops to a team mate)
  • Quit (lets you drop out of a game prior to its official end *note that this will carry a penalty)
We are also hard at work testing out a new version of the front end User Interface (this is what you guys would consider the game pages). These improvements will include:
  • Player Save system (this will allow you to save your orders in between play sessions)
  • Mail system improvements (All players will once again be available to communicate within game (Lee to Meade for ex) not just your side. Reply, Send to USA/CSA, Access to the map viewer page from within the mail page)
  • Objectives displayed on the Field of Battle map
So thanks for your patience while we test all these new features. As an added thank you to our subscribers we will be allowing them early access to all the new features once we feel ready. So subscribers stay tuned!


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