Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Release 0.1

Gonna keep this post short. 1st attempt at the new game management features goes live tonight. We think we fully tested all the new features however game development being what it is and us being so small of a team, there might be a few glitches. If anyone runs into any problems tomorrow morning please let us know. Since these are core features we decided to release the new update in 2 parts. The first half of the update goes live tonight and includes only the game management features:
  • Player missed turn tracking
  • Victory point tracking and reporting
  • Automated removal of players that miss 3 or more consecutive turns
  • Transfer command (lets you temporarily give command of your troops to a team mate)
  • Quit (lets you drop out of a game prior to its official end *note that this will carry a penalty)
The second half of the update will go live once we feel that the game management features are stable and working properly.

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